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CaddyTalk Minimi Rangefinder - Free 1-2 Day UK Delivery Included

CaddyTalk Minimi Rangefinder - Free 1-2 Day UK Delivery Included

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CaddyTalk Minimi Rangefinder 

1-2 Day Free UK Delivery Included! 

The Next Generation of Laser Rangefinders


Magic Slope World Patented

Distance measurement that reflects height and ball trajectory.

HOLASER HD (Horizon Detect)

Laser System World's 1st

HD laser system that accurately measures the target without any shaking.

PIN FINDER Super Pin Finder Top Grade

Displays only the distance to the nearest target of the scanned point.

Built-in 700mAh mAn Rechargeable Battery

Long lasting battery with just one charge.

 E-SLOPE World's 1st

Recommends distance by reflecting temperature, altitude, and humidity.


SuperClear 6X Zoom Lens

6x optical clear screen.

Water Resistant Design


Target detection vibration alert.

This compact rangefinder prioritises accuracy and versatility but not at the expense of a seamless user experience. The premium look and feel enhances the appeal, along with the magnetic carry case and LED Slope indicator.


  • +

    Impressive accuracy

  • +

    Fast to locate the flag and display distance

  • +

    Red/green indicator light system for Slope

  • +

    Premium look and feel

CaddyTalk Minimi Rangefinder Review 4.5 Stars out of 5 by Joel Tadman - Golf Monthly 

Full review below ⬇️ 


The CaddyTalk Minimi golf rangefinder is evidence that good things do come in small packages. With a footprint comparable to a credit card and weighing just 132 grams, it has a minimalistic approach that enhances its versatility while possessing the features that will help you shoot the flag quickly and accurately.

The first thing that struck me when testing the Minimi on the course is the premium look and feel. Sure, it doesn’t feel substantial, but it’s clearly well made and the tacky textured sections on both sides mean you can keep a comfortable, solid hold of it when in use. For golfers with really big hands it might feel strange at first, but you soon get used to the smaller size.

The big tech story with the Minimi is the Slope functionality, which has two unique strands to it. The first is called Magic Slope, which applies the concept of ballistics to improve accuracy over conventional slope golf rangefinders. I get this to a degree - a typical ball flight isn’t symmetrical in shape if you were looking at it from the side, the apex tends to be closer to the target - especially on an iron shot - which means that shots uphill actually play longer than if you were just taking into account the change in gradient. The impact this would have on the actual yardages is fairly minimal, but it’s a thoughtful approach to a golfer’s needs.

The second strand is e-Slope, which goes a step further to take into account environmental factors - temperature, altitude and humidity. My course is relatively flat and close to sea level, so I didn’t see the huge benefits of this feature but CaddyTalk suggests a course at 3608 feet above sea level means a 138 yard shot actually plays 132 yards, so if your home course it at high altitude or gets hot and humid, this feature will be really useful to you.

 Reasons to buy a range finder 

1. Improved Accuracy:

A golf range finder ensures that you always know the exact distance to the hole or any other target on the course. This helps you to make more accurate shots, reducing your score and improving your overall game.

2. Faster Play:

With a golf range finder, you can quickly determine the distance to the target and make your shot without wasting time walking around the course or guessing the distance.

3. Convenience:

Golf range finders are lightweight and easy to carry around the course. They are also simple to use, with most models featuring a single button operation.

4. Cost Savings:

Investing in a golf range finder can save you money in the long run, as you will no longer need to hire a caddie or purchase costly GPS systems.

5. Multi-Functionality:

Many golf range finders offer additional features such as slope adjustment, which takes into account the angle of the terrain and provides more accurate measurements.

6. Improved Confidence:

Having accurate distance information at your fingertips can boost your confidence and help you to make better decisions on the course, leading to improved performance and a more enjoyable game.


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